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Our 4-week 'Becoming a Virtual Assistant' Experiential Program was designed specifically to hold your hands through the journey of providing your services to a global audience. 

It's practical, classes are held virtually an hour a week and is customized to your needs. You'll have weekly assignments with the option to check in on email with your facilitator during the week. 

To see what it entails, read below: 

Taking you Online

Inaugural Class

1 Hour

-We'll look at your LinkedIn together and see how to tweak it in a way that best suits your current work circumstances and your goals.

-We'll then look at alternatives that would create a great sales funnel and thought leadership such as creating a niche mailing list (a step-by-step how-to), landing page (with or without a website) and overall online visibility. 

-We'll also come up with the key words that you'll use on your uniform online platforms so you can be the first name on people's minds when they think of your industry.

-We'll introduce you to tools such as alsoasked.com, Ubersuggest, Loom, Screencastify, etc.

Online Work Software

Second Lesson

1 Hour

-Depending on your needs and your current knowledge, we will focus on a variety of online tools (with free versions for starters) that will help you collect client information, serve potential clients, book meetings, track time or send correspondence to your email list.

-This will include Asana, Toogle, MobileMonkey, Calendly, DocuSign and Convertkit

Client Prospecting 

Third Class:

1 hour

-We'll explore ways you can prospect for potential clients in a way that's relationship-based without feeling sales-ey. 

-This will involve how to identify potential clients, capture their information, send cold emails, build a sales funnel and email list.

-We'll introduce you to virtual tools and software that will help you create and automate that prospect list.

Building Loyalty

Final Class

1 hour

-This class will focus on how to make your clients your largest fans.

-This will include practical ways to be efficient, show empathy, be reliable, and be considered a goddamn Gladiator to your clients. 

-We'll cover what a professional client onboarding process looks like, contract templates, and a CRM module you can use to ensure you're always in the radar of your clients or potential clients. 

If this sounds like what you need, sign up below and we'll set up an initial 1-1 call and discuss how we can work together to help you  kick-ass at your Going Global goals. 

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