Your CV (probably) sucks...

....and we hope our session with the boss at Shortlist Professionals rocked your world.


If you're looking at this page, you probably missed it. But, we are not about to leave you sad and dejected.  

We are committed to helping you #CatchThatCheque 

Doris, the Career Godmother and the Country Director for Shortlist Professionals has very kindly worked with us a deal worth a 950% discount. A deal that will allow you to have her hold your hand and get you into previously inaccessible interview rooms. 

Here's two truths:

1. CVs and resumes are dead. Portfolios are in. 

2. You'll still need a CV, it'll just look and sound a little different


We will only be accepting 10 people max. 

So, if you want to see what fairy dust we will be unleashing on your career, check out this page below:

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