It's Time, Prof.

Okay, we are exaggerating.

But you know that you have been wanting to teach something you feel exceptionally good at and can show someone else how to do it.

Not because you learnt it yesterday from YouTube University and want to cash in asap, but because you know how things on the ground actually work.

You have practical knowledge of what you want to teach.

Enough to explain it to a 5 year old; if you had to.


alt  text= an image showing a black man wearing spectacles, looking at a computer while holding a bank card. The image has a title: Village2nation Presents "Let's get you paid; teach what you know. A campaign to get more experts into the knowledge business".

In Celebration of the Launch of our new Virtual School ...'s how Village2nation Academy is willing to support you in your quest to become a knowledge entrepreneur;


  1.  We'll do the end-to-end digital logistics support for free on our new robust e-learning platform (creating graphics, handling sign-ups and payment get-aways, handling questions your students have, uploading all your downloadable learning resources on our platform, saving all your sessions on our private YouTube Channel, etc). 

  2.  If you need online ad support, we'll do that too for free; but you'll pay for the ads before-hand depending on your budget. You can also choose to create your own ads. You are still responsible for getting sign-ups to your classes.

  3.  You keep 100% of all income you earn; we have records on our secure platform and we'll send them after your classes as we remit all income.

4. Our sessions happen on Zoom and our Premium Zoom supports 100 learners/session; we will slot you in for 2 hours per session. If more than 100 people pay to attend your session; you'll need to pay for an upgrade (costs roughly 5,000).


5. Slots are available weekdays from 7-9 pm and Saturdays from 9-4 pm in 2 hour batches.


6. All our classes are live (we'll create the Zoom link and upload on platform); and we'll record the session (if you want) for upload on your course page afterwards. You own the copyright. You decide what to charge your classes. Free classes are also allowed.

7. All our classes are accessible. If a deaf person signs up for yours, you'll need to pay for at least 2 Sign Language Interpreters (approx Ksh. 2000 each/session). You will also need to take our free internal disability engagement training before your session (approx 1.5 hours total- prerecorded)


8. Downloadable class material you need uploaded will be co-branded (your brand and ours). You'll prepare your own docs and make them disability-friendly (we have free templates and tools for you). If you need help with editing, we'll charge a flat fee of Ksh. 2000.


9. This campaign lasts until end of March. You can have multiple sessions in between. After the end of the campaign, if you want to continue with the partnership, we will discuss a suitable revenue share agreement.

So, what kinds of classes are we especially keen on?

We want to spread knowledge that is practical, immediately implementable and can help our learners grow personally and professionally. Below  is  an idea of what we are hoping to get from you

(list doesn't cover everything):

Teach 3.png

alt  text= an image showing a black woman holding a pen to her chin and smiling, with a laptop in front of her. 

Priority Areas: 

  • Anything that deals with the internet economy (selling goods and services online,  especially to a global audience; drop shipping, selling on Amazon, shipping from china to sell locally, etc- except bitcoin)

  • Anything related to growing one's career (think interview prep, asking for a promotion, making presentations, pitching, using virtual tools like Excel, Canva, Figma, LinkedIn etc)

  • Anything related to growing financially (personal finance and investing locally, or buying stock from foreign countries while living in Kenya, etc)

  • Anything related to improving quality of life (parenting, home-making, etc)

  • Hobby-stuff (painting, knitting, etc)

So, shall we then do this? If you think we are a good fit, let's find out if it's mutual. Fill in this  form:  

Just as an FYI though, filling in this form doesn't guarantee that we will get to work together. 

But you can count on us getting back to you in 72 hours. 

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