World Domination:

                               Scholarship Edition

College Student

We've all nursed romantic ideas about studying abroad and getting our Masters and PhDs in some exotic city, fully paid for and all we had to do was focus on our studies and exploring the new world we've been launched into. 

A lot of us at some point have allowed ourselves to fantasize about walking in the streets of London or in the halls of Harvard and being in class with people who might be future presidents or faced the Taliban and won (hi Malala!)

We would come home with a 'cultured' accent and annoy our friends with statements like, 'You know, back in Boston we...' and they would roll  their eyes roll so far back they could see their brains. 

And we would document our journeys on Instagram and caption it with a #worlddomination hashtag as we mentally plotted on how we would give world-changing speeches at the UN. 


So many people talked themselves out of those dreams. "Am I good enough? Will I leave my family behind? Am I old? Are my grades up to par?" All of it has felt so daunting it's been easier to live in their heads with some 'I wish-es' and 'if only-s'

We're here to help...
Saturday, 23rd and 30th January 2021 9am Kenyan Time

Stella Andenyi, is a recipient of the Shandong Freshman Excellence Award in 2018. She graduated in June 2020 with a Master’s Degree in Engineering specializing in Project Managment. While at Shandong University, in Jinan, China, she was the Kenyan Representative to the African Students Council.  

She was also awarded the Chinese Government Outstanding International Student Scholarship in 2020.  

She believes we are all human becoming for whom learning is continuous.

She's here to take you through this journey into getting the scholarship of your wildest dreams.

Here's what that class will look like:

The Search Process
  1. How to look for a scholarship, considering your age,  available resources, deadlines, course commencement date, interests, experience and the course you would like to undertake. 

  2. Factors that influence your scholarship application process, this includes:  the scholarship institution; its reputation, World Ranking, professors, supervisors, alumni, facilities and location of the university.

  3. The documents required when applying for the scholarship (tests, passports, notarization, ECA, recommendation letters, Good conduct certificate and sponsorship letters.) 

  4. The benefits and restrictions that are applied by the scholarship like acquiring other scholarships, working options, banking systems, completion limitations, spousal support, health and national limitations, deferrals and multiple applications.

The Application Process
  1. Have a plan, take note of deadlines, time zones, addresses, courier delivery companies and holidays. Who manages the scholarship in regards to institutions, interviews, process of application (Through the school and another entity?) and number of applications (duplicate/ triplicate etc).

  2. Communication process, identify the contacts you need to speak to, do begin communications as early as possible. 

  3. The process of writing your application letters and motivation letters.  

The Study Process

Before Departure 

a) Consider your length of study, allowed working time in your country of arrival, the weather, your university requirements, course load and the laws and rules.

b) Do you need to have a fundraising? How do you make payment to your university, if necessary? How will you manage before you receive the stipend?  Can you get in kind support? What about medication and how to pack.

c) Your goals, available activities social, travel, your housing, interaction with others or otherwise.  Leaving your country, relationships, food and cash remittances.


After arrival

What happens once you arrive in your chosen country of study? 

a) How you register and arrival at your school. Visa validity and permit process. Trying to change scholarships. Applying for other scholarships/grants.

b) Your mental health, family, nationality status, available communication platforms, conflict resolution processes, social interactive groups, leadership positions, culture and racism.

c) Conducting business, research, conference costs and technical skills that would help you.


Coming to completion.

When it is all said and done. 

  1. Graduation, how to exit, notarization there and in Kenya, shipping options for you luggage.

  2. Going into work or entrepreneurship in your study country. 

The Hidden Details
  1. Referral system. To get a scholarship, to get an internship to get especially institutional opportunities. National groups and their goals. 

  2. Institutional edge; target schools, diversity programs, waiting lists, colleges versus universities, apprenticeships versus internships. Interaction with different people as a brand ambassador in your choice of school, newsletters, Twitter, LinkedIn, Publishing. 

  3. To use an agency or not. 

  4. The details and language in your letters. Who are you? Your longstanding reputation and social media. Market development online courses versus physical courses. 

  5. Negotiations and airlines and flights, fundraising - the language, timing, platforms, communication and supporters.

Stella will cover a variety of scholarship options you have across different countries and fields of study.

This class will demystify the whole process and journey and bring you information you never knew you needed, whether you're looking at a Masters or PhD Scholarship.

The investment you'll make is only Ksh. 4,999.

If you're ready for #worlddomination and a shot at a globally significant career, perhaps this is your chance? 

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