College Friends

Time for College!! But, are you Ready?

You're going to have a ton of fun; we can almost promise. But there's a whole world of real-life skills you should be packing with you before you ship off. 

And these skills are what will determine whether you spend your time in college, or invest your time there. 

Let's get you making the right choices.

The Village2nation Pre-College Prep 

Change and uncertainty can be intimidating. Especially when starting out in college. Even more, in country a couple of oceans away. But, there's a way to de-risk everything that can go wrong. Like making sure you don't end up homeless or lose out on potential internship opportunities. 

And that is precisely what this Masterclass is designed to do.

3 sessions, interactive learning, practical life-skills.

College Student

Here's what you can expect in the 3-day Masterclass:

  • Budgeting as a Student- Whether you'll be on scholarship or using the Bank of Mum/Dad, running out of money before you run out of month is both an art and a science. And we are here to show you practical ways to be responsible with your wallet. 

  • Professional Communication - How you communicate is how you introduce yourself to your new teachers and potential employers; a lot of times, you only get to do it once. Let's help make you memorable. 

  • Applying for Internships - You hardly have any experience under your belt right now. But, you still have a few things you can offer. How about we help make you package yourself into the dream intern your future organization would be delighted to have? 

  • Social Skills- You will need friends just as much as you will need to network yourself into parties and jobs. You don't need to borrow an entire new personality/persona, but there are a few ground rules to making sure you don't get kicked out of shared living spaces... or class. We'll share the rule book. 

Coach Susan1.jpeg

Susan Wanjiru

Personal Finance Coach

Susan has 6 years experience as a consultant training individuals to make responsible personal finance choices that get them achieving their goals faster. 


Stella Andenyi

Education Consultant and Life Coach

Stella will be your coach on navigating college life and making optimal use of your time there, socially, academically and career-wise.

All these and so much more insider information for Ksh. 8000 only. 

Let's Get Ready for College?



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