The Good Stuff about Covid-19 Season

Many of us are trying our darnedest to navigate our way through this new normal. The biggest challenge there is seems to be the uncertainty surrounding when all ‘this’ will end. “Will my (individual) world look the same?” The global quarantine season has forced upon us a lot of extra time and our minds tend to go on adventures on their own…

I am writing this to hopefully give your mind some fodder to ruminate on, that’s focused on what’s positive and possible; for us, our careers, our businesses and our world.

Opportunities available in the Present:

*Personal Protective Equipment: Masks, Gloves, Heat testing kits. If you can source or create the above and sell them online, to your local clinic or to your neighbors through WhatsApp or Facebook, you could strike gold. Hundreds of millions of dollars will be spent acquiring PPEs over the next couple of months.

*Home Delivery Services: If you live in an area under complete lock-down with only options available for essential services, you could be the neighborhood shopper in exchange for a small stipend. If you run a store, a restaurant, a home bakery etc, you could still deliver it to your clients. If you sell fresh fruit on the roadside or the market, all you need is a list of your clients and a delivery person with a motorbike to deliver your goods and keep your customers.

*Social Media Marketing: There’s a flurry of online businesses being opened every minute. They need someone to handle their SEO and SM Pages, create email lists, etc. Polish up your skills and you could be harvesting the money rain while the Covid thunder roars.

*Content creation: Now that everyone and their mum are stuck indoors with their noses buried deep into a gadget or another; it’s time to learn how to create monetizable content. Anything from a blog, a YouTube channel, Tik Tok, an online course, copywriting, etc. If you have a smart phone and some bundles, there really is no excuse as to why you shouldn’t learn how all the above can be monetized, and find ways to create something worth reading or watching. All you need is a little brain power.

*E-commerce: Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, etc. If any of those words look unfamiliar, Google up. Jeff Bezo's fortune jumped to approximately $24 Billion over the last month and Amazon hired approximately 100,000 people over the last couple of weeks. Business is booming for them. Learn about being an Amazon Merchant and Fulfillment by Amazon. Get to know how to start and Etsy shop that gets you sales. See what Shopify does and their Print-on-Demand service. Possibilities are endless.

*Virtual Assistant: All these people/businesses above will probably need someone to help take care of tasks they can’t or don’t have time to do themselves. A virtual assistant is like a remote Personal Assistant. While the specifics may vary; it generally involves scheduling appointments, digital marketing tasks, responding to emails, etc.

What do you think are some of the industries that will thrive AFTER the apocalypse?

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