Netflix University: 6 Films that you can binge on guilt-free


You're used to being productive and part of you may feel guilty for doing a lot of Netflixing on what is usually a work-day. These 6 films are here to show you that you don't have to choose between a good time and a good learning experience.

So, pop the corn, and power up Netflix. Allow it to carry you into a world of educative entertainment. No pressure, the educative part is optional.

1. Self-Made: Inspired by the Life of Madam CJ Walker

This inspired mini-series is both entertaining and moving. Taking us through the life of Madam C.J Walker, the first African American multi-millionaire. If you want to learn how to fight for your goals, against all odds, and fit in spaces that are determined to lock you out, and bounce back from betrayal, abuse, rejection and helplessness; this is for you. If you just want a chill Netflix movie that will entertain you and move you, this is also for you. You’re not obligated to learn anything :-D

2. The Founder

Ever wondered how the current McDonalds came to be? This show will take you through business intrigues, dancing in the grey zone of morality and integrity, relentless vision and above all, playing life like a chess Grand Master. Ever wondered why they say MacDonalds is more of a real-estate company than a fast food company? No? Find out anyways.

3. Lionheart

You may not be waiting to inherit your father’s empire, but this is a film about stepping up to the plate. And growing into the kind of person that can achieve your life goals. It’s about seeing the bigger picture and working with people you may not be too thrilled to work with. It’s about knowing when to make war, and when to extend love. It’s also about keeping you entertained as you’re cooped in indoors and not wanting to take any online courses right now.

4. Steve Jobs

No one needs an introduction to this enigma of a man. You will struggle with wanting to hate him and adore him. This is a story of having impossible standards and daring yourself (and those around you) to rise to the occasion. It is a tale of grand vision, remarkable failure, breathtaking success, rejections and bounce-backs, public adoration and family disappointment. It is the story of the god and the human residing in one body. It is Steve Jobs.

5. Inside Bill’s Brain: Decoding Bill Gates

Bill, the man and the legend. He gives us an insider view into his life, his fears, his goals, his challenges and what makes him, him. You’ll get to know what Think Week is, who influences him, what he cares about and moments that moved him. Watching this will not make you a Billionaire, but perhaps you can now relate to the part of him that is human. At the very least, you can sound cool and knowledgeable to your friends when you impress them with “10 Facts about Bill Gates (no 6 will shock you)”.

6. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

There are few multi-faceted movies like this one. When the whole world is resting on your shoulders as a teenage boy, demanding that you save your village from hunger yet the same people who despise you need you too, it could be a wild ride. This is a story of hope, and relentless belief in what is possible; for you and for the world around you. There are people depending on you to do what you are uniquely wired to do. Will you step up? I mean, it doesn’t have to be now, NOW, perhaps after this apocalypse is over? Meanwhile, just relax and enjoy this movie. Perhaps it’ll inspire something.

Lockdown season doesn't have to fully suck, you could have a good time, learn new things or just be.

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