Welcome to the new World of Learning...

and Teaching


COVID-19 has shown us things.

A lot of weird, unsavory, uncomfortable things.

But then, it has opened up a whole new world of endless possibilities. Possibilities in the way we work and play and learn, yes...

... and how we teach.

For the last 6 months, Village2nation has been working to experiment what educated Africans are doing about their careers and what style they're using to swim out the present storm.

2000+ learners later from across the continent, 6 different courses, 3 different timings, 2 different platforms and several glowing reviews across the board, we strongly feel like our finger is on the right pulse.

Self-learning is the new normal. 

And we are here to make it happen in a way that is graceful, convenient, practical, affordable and engaged... while still fully virtual.

This page is unpublished to the general public and you're reading it because we are confident YOU can be part of the unfolding journey we are on... and that you are going to enjoy the hell out of it. 

We are looking for expert facilitators to partner with in two mutually exclusive phases: 

1. Co-Hosted Live Classes

What would this look like?

-You bring your expertise, prepare for the class, show up and teach

-We handle all the logistics from sign-up to post-class follow-up using our digital and Human Resources

-We share risks (costs) and revenues 60-40 in (our favor)

-Classes and ads are co-branded.

-We are all responsible for pushing for sign-ups and conversion. 


We are creating a learning-on-demand platform that is geo-customized, intuitive and AI-Powered. Think of it like "Netflix meets Masterclass.com meets Mindvalley". Our first 10 group of expert teachers get the privilege of 'minimal risk, high reward' deal. 

What does this look like?

-You bring your expertise, prepare for the recording, show up for the production.

-You engage with clients who've purchased the class on a Private FB Group (weekly FB Lives to provide answers and guidance)

-We pay for all the production logistics from filming to editing; everything unrelated to the actual content is on us.

-We handle the post-production logistics like ads, hosting, sign-ups, analytics, etc

-Costs of ads and hosting are only deducted from the overall revenue before the split

-We have a 50-50 revenue share (Udemy has anything from 25-50% for instructors and they don't pay for your filming).

-We all have a responsibility to drive traffic and conversion. 

-You get a cheque monthly depending on the sales of your course. 

Essentially you'll be getting an opportunity to earn passive income indefinitely, grow your brand as an expert, engage with your audience (whom you can up-sell on private 1-1 coaching) ... all for the cost of showing up to teach on camera. 

So, why is it in phases? 

We are building a powerhouse of partnerships across different fronts as we head into the pilot and launch of our 'Netflix'. Our facilitators in Step 1 get first priority in the Step 2 partnership agreement deal.

wanna ride into the future with us?


If you feel like you might be a good fit for what we have in mind (or you have a couple of questions/concerns), why don't we talk about it? Pick a time slot on the button below and talk to our



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