The FREE Personal Finance and Investing Masterclass with Gakii was one of the most insightful, educational Masterclasses we've been privileged to host. It was INCREDIBLE. If you missed out, scroll down to see what we covered, the feedback we received and how you could still #SecureThyBagWithGakii.

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Do you ever have nightmares about waking up at 70 years old and living in a tiny hut, in a dusty town because you just can't keep your money in your pocket? No?

Okay, but do you *usually* run out of month before you run out of money? That's more familiar, ay?

Or perhaps one minute you feel like a member of #TMT (the money team) and the next you wonder where you'll get two Fifty Cents to rub together? 

Or maybe you wonder how your friends with less *sexy* jobs can manage to build their mum a house and school their kids while you're still stuck with last year's toothbrush? 

Or maybe you're waiting until you get *that* job at Google (or turn 38, or get married, or *insert excuse here*) before you can... finally start saving and investing? I mean, investing is for rich, fancy people, ay? 



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#SecureThyBag is a Financial Planning Masterclass that will help you:


1. Bust those silly money-myths you have been brought up with (or picked up along the way);

2. Discover the mindset that has been holding your money hostage and how to slay the tiny misleading devil on your shoulder;

3. Narrow down on what your true #moneygoals are and where you can start planting your seeds; regardless of how much you earn, or how frequently you do;

4. Learn some #moneyhacks that can help you save more and get to mogul status faster;

5. Learn the different instruments you can start using immediately (and the major mistakes to avoid) along the way.

Ultimately, we will help you know what your options are when it comes to saving and investing, depending on whatever budget you have; making sure to make choices that make sense for YOU, and not for instagram, or your (beloved) mum. 

Gakii Biriri

Gakii is a 28 year old Management Consultant. She has multiple investments in her portfolio ranging from Real Estate to Stocks. In her Free Masterclass on Thursday, August 13th, she shared with us her story of HOW she started, the mistakes that almost took her out and how the hell she was able to afford her *very* fancy dream car and become financially independent.

Some of the Feedback we got from this phenomenal Masterclass was: 

-The best Masterclass I have attended. Financial literacy at its best: Braidley

-💯 worth it. I loved the session and now I can apply lessons learned on financial literacy: Kemmie

-I have never thought of taking inflation into consideration as I save or invest. I am now woke: Jackline

- Great session, informative, relatable, engaging and open:John K.

Now, Gakii is willing to help you take a #DeepDive into the waters that will help you get into #MogulMode. 

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