Success! Your free copy is on its way, but IF you're truly dedicated to your success, then you're not done yet. Village2nation wants to take you Global.

Secure your career and attract more dream clients than you ever thought possible during this pandemic...

My name is Cindy, and I founded Village2nation to help you access everything that is possible for you and your career. 

Especially in the Digital Economy.

I'm sharing with you my life's work, and bringing together the best people we could find, that are sherpas in this new mountain you're looking to conquer. 

They are here to hold your hand and help you pitch your tent on the land you have decided to claim as your own.

By downloading this eBook, you've shown that you like to take action, so I'm going to make you a very special offer.

4 weeks

10 live hours

4 experts

Right now, my company is accepting new students into our 4-week 'Becoming a Global Professional' Experiential Program. It's a one month course that holds your hands through the journey of providing your services to a global audience as a remote professional; whether you're an accountant, a coder, a writer, an assistant or

(insert career preference here). 

What You'll Learn:
  1. Get a step-by-step walkthrough to identify your dream clients, capture their contact information, and create a sales pipeline filled with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of your ideal prospects 

  2. Build "big-money" relationships by learning what your dream clients REALLY want, and how you can give it to them

  3. The top secret to extremely magnetic LinkedIn profiles which get complete strangers DMing you out of the blue, cash in hand, just hoping that you'll give them the time of day.

  4. Streamline your workflow so you can spend more time doing PROFITABLE, FUN work instead of housekeeping

  • And so, so much more...

Make no mistake, classes are very exclusive. We deliberately keep them small (10 per class). You get personal, one-to-one contact with a world-class facilitator,

to accelerate your career growth.

You're Probably Thinking: "This All Sounds Great! But How Much Does This Cost??" 

A comprehensive, hands-on course like "Going Global" would cost Ksh. 50,000 or more and NONE of them can hold a candle to the Going Global Program.

But I have big news for you. We sell this product to Kenyan professionals for I'm so confident that you're going to love this course, that I'm giving you a special guarantee:  

I'm So Confident You'll Love This That I'll Give You Back Every. Single. Shilling You Invest + KES 1,500 If You Don't Like It

Yes, you read that correctly. If you complete the course but don't get the value promised here,  then I will give you back every shilling you spend, PLUS 1,500 of my own hard-earned Kenyan shillings for the trouble.

Have you ever heard of such insanity before? I know I haven't. But I'm not doing this because I'm crazy (at least not completely). Why am I willing to go so far? Because I WANT you to take the right action.

You probably have TONS of good reasons not to invest in this right now. It's mid-month, The Covid-19 Epidemic, you're saving up for a new phone/car/handbag/whatever.

If you listen to any of those, then you won't grab onto this wonderful opportunity. So I'm giving you a completely risk-free analysis.


If you think that it's too expensive, it will repay itself in just one of the many clients you're going to get.


If you want to grow your career but feel that you cannot afford this right now, then the truth is 180 degrees opposite: You can't Afford NOT to have this. 


I hope you'll join the 2,000+ others who are part of the Village2Nation Tribe, and take your future into your own hands right now,  

Interested? Follow the instructions below to pay your Ksh. 6499 Sign up below; we'll get on a 30min 1-1 call and discuss how we might help you kick ass at your Going Global goals.

We are currently filling up the (very) limited spots for the November class. For an investment of Ksh. 6499, you can be part of the a community of niche competitive remote professionals serving the world with your magic. 

You can pay using PayPal or MPESA. For MPESA, use MPESA Paybill 763766 Account No. 555795 and enter the transaction details below. If using PayPal, write PayPal in the transaction code box, go to checkout and follow the prompts.

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Let's go Global!