Welcome to the Futures

....online trading does not have to be a four-letter word

Scattered Coins

Imagine you see a hot pair of shoes in one of the IG stores you follow. Then you DM the seller and tell them that you are getting paid on the 30th and you'd like them to reserve that pair for you, you'll get it on payday. 

The seller knows that you might find that same pair somewhere else (perhaps even cheaper), or lose interest in the shoe altogether, so they tell you that you have to promise to buy it from them, at that price, and on that date.

And you, knowing they may be tempted to raise the prices later (since many people are inquiring), demand that they too have to promise to sell it to you, at that same price, on that date.  

You shake on it. And it's legally binding. 


Welcome to the world of Futures trading


It is a micro-contract you get into that demands that you buy or sell a specific good, at a specific price, on a specific future date.


It is remarkably different from Forex trading and most notably, it is heavily regulated so it is protected from the kind of shadiness associated with a lot of the forex trading you see on the streets.

Futures banks on the future changes in market price of goods (assets).



We know you've bumped into the scammers and the 'ask me how' guys who spam comments on Facebook.


You know, the guys who say that all you have to do is invest Ksh. 1,500 and start making Ksh. 15,000 the next day on Forex. 


The ones who send dusty, photoshopped images of supposed 'returns' to get you parting with your hard-earned cash. 


They leave a bad taste in your mouth,  don't they? And suddenly 'trading' has turned into a four-letter-word much like GNLD. You don't even want to hear about it. And that's cool. 



in typical Village2nation fashion, we are bringing you a FREE Info-session with only the best expert we could find on this subject. 


So… you’re about to thank us for this …

... (Drum rolls please)...

Al Nawaz.png

Mr. Al-Nawaz;

Founder- Follow The Trend

Al-Nawaz has been an online trader for 22 years. His journey in trading started when he worked at a Mutual Fund in Canada and started trading in the stock market. He then moved to forex and eventually discovered Futures. 

He's been trading, teaching and mentoring people on Futures for the past 12 years. 

Now, you can ask him all the hard questions you've got about Futures, trading and scammers in this free Futures Info-session:

What the hell is Futures anyways? 

How different is it really from Forex? 

How much does it cost to start?

When can I start getting returns and what is a reasonable expectation to have?

How do I know I will not lose my money?

What are the time commitments it requires? 

How do I get into it and what are the requirements for a Kenyan? 

Can you teach me? 


He'll cover all that and more... including all the questions you have on the subject. 

Oh, one of his learners will be joining us to give additional insider perspective.

So, bring along an open mind. And some tea. 

Thursday, 10th December,
7pm EAT (GMT+3) 

So, do you want to discover the Futures with us? 

*Remember, in light of our commitment to having a diverse, inclusive community, we are making all our sessions moving forward accessible to learners with visual and hearing impairments.

We will be having Sign Language Interpreters present during this session. Kindly mark in the form below if you have any of those impairments.

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