Time to get that money

A Masterclass on getting funding and writing winning proposals for your project.

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Fundraising is one of the most important cycles of project management. Think of your project as a car and fundraising a the fuel. How do you go about it? which stakeholders do you need to involve What are the best practices? we answer these and many more questions in our masterclass. Here's a primer to what's on the table:


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Saturday, 26th June: 9 AM

1.  Marketing and Fundraising for Your Project

Unless you have a bottomless pocket, you will likely need to entice a couple of people to either finance or support your project. How do you get buy-in from the powers that be? How do you communicate in a way that gets you the $$?

Here are a couple of questions we will answer during this session:

  1. How do you brand yourself and your project and develop an endless stream of those who want to support you? 

  2. What funding options do you have as a local Kenyan business or project? From crowdfunding to proposals, we'll cover it all. 

  3. What organizations and grants are available for you and how do you filter out the right ones for your project? 

  4. What tactics do you use to ensure that your dreams don't get starved from underfunding? 

2. Proposal writing 

Let's face it, no one will fund your earth-shattering project idea unless it is well documented and outlined on paper. Here is where proposal writing joins the project management group chat. How do you write proposals that get the funding? What steps do you take when writing your proposal? Did we mention how to take into account the different stakeholders?

How about we arm you with the requisite skills to be a proposal writing heavy-weight?

Certificates of Completion to be issued 

As part of our commitment to accessibility and inclusion: As much as possible, this program will be accessible to people with visual and hearing disabilities. This session includes a certified Sign-Language Interpreter.

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So, for just Ksh. 1,499 you can access this Masterclass on Saturday 26th June.


MPESA Details: Paybill: 763 766 Account No. 555795

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