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... No Problemo
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A FREE Masterclass on writing your CV with almost no (relevant) Work Experience

You've just recently stepped out of school and you're looking for your 1st (or second) job... 

...and they're asking for a CV. 

Except, you don't have much to write on that paper. You've probably not had any official job. Or you've just had one or two internships;

Or maybe you'd started off in a dead-end job and now you're ready for the career you know you've always wanted. 

But you don't have any relevant experience. Sigh.


So, you keep adding P.O. Box and 'marital status' as if it's 1992. 

And you keep sending the same shady CV to a million jobs hoping one of them will stick. And they'll call you for that interview. And you'll finally have a proper career. 

But, that's not how it works. Not in 2021. 

Kicking off your career is a special feeling of its own kind. In this FREE session, Arnold will help you determine what you want to do or develop as your initial career progression plan especially when your options are not obvious with limited skills or with minimal experience

Arnold has worked across 6 different countries (in and outside Africa), most recently with the ALU & MDX in Mauritius getting their students employed after school.

He brings with him 8 years of experience working with both recent graduates and employers and absolutely knows what you need to do to get hired.

On Thursday, 25th February; 7pm EAT 

P.S: If you have a hearing or visual disability, please let us know what accessibility options you need so we can make plans on how to best support you during this Masterclass.

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