we are back to help you get those bucks.

#securethybag with Susan


So maybe you missed out on our 1st Edition #SecurethyBag with the phenomenal Gakii Biriri.


But you know us, we've got you. 

This time, the badass Personal Finance and Investing Coach Susan Wanjiku, the CEO of The Legacy Hub, is the one who'll be giving you that


Susan has been in the industry helping people get into their #richlife for over the last few years now. Here's how her super-fans have been raving about her (and you can get the screenshots from her IG Page):

-'"..I also wanted to thank you so much! You gave me so much value for my money and beyond. I never thought that with my income and 3 kids I would be able to achieve meaningful financial progress, and especially not having a background in finance"


-"Am really grateful for the session we shared. The lessons were practical and goals attainable. You perfectly highlighted the caveats in one's financial plans and the possible mitigation solutions. I take delight in your precision and professionalism and will definitely embrace your financial literacy in the long-term."  

-"Thank you for the goals-setting module. I ws able to get clarity on my goals. You broke down the goals from big annual goals to weekly tasks. I can clearly follow my daily and weekly plan to achieve my goals. Thank you for patiently explaining what I need to change; from thoughts to habits...."


There's so much more great feedback from people like you who just want to live their best life and secure that bag. 

And now, thanks to a collaboration between Village2nation and Legacy Hub KE, she'll be coming to spread some of that gold-dust on us.

Here's what you can expect:

The Premium Finance and Investing Deep-Dive Masterclass: 

Here's what you can expect in this 2.5 hour Masterclass:

  1. Money EQ​​

    • Money personalities and habits to avoid based on your money personality

    • Debunking myths about income and wealth

  2. Budgeting 101

    • Setting up a system to ensure you remain consistent in your savings and investments

    • Budgeting on an irregular income

    • Debt management and repayment strategies

  3. Getting into Investing 

    • Time value of money

    • Unit trusts

    • T-bills & T-bonds

    • Retirement Funds

    • Understanding Insurance

    • Understanding Taxes for Investments

  4. Financial life hacks

    • Tips and tricks to help you in your financial journey

Saturday, 14th November. 9am EAT

Are we getting that bag or what? 

This collaboration between Village2nation and  Legacy Hub KE has allowed us to get you

a fat big discount of 378%.

Now, instead of paying a whooping Ksh. 8, 600 for this 2 hour Masterclass,

the investment you'll make is only Ksh. 1,799.

We want you to be well on your way to making your first play in the creation of your empire, so you can invest the balance in one of the investment instruments you'll be

learning in this class. 

MPESA Payment Get-away: Paybill: 763 766 Account No. 555795


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