Let's Talk About Your First (or 2nd) Job....

Early Career Therapy

But first, beginning 2021, we have made a commitment to accessibility and inclusion. All our sessions, whether free or paid, will have a certified sign-language interpreter present. And recorded videos will have closed captions and MS Word downloads.

So, please share this page with any of your friends with a hearing disability. 

Classmates in Library

School's out and you got spit into the cold hard world of work.


Or you graduated a year or two ago and realized that being a grown-ass adult sucks and you have bills and taxes and that damn HELB Loan.... but getting a job has been gut-wrenchingly hard. Everyone wants you to prove your value.

Or you keep bumping into 'early-career' positions that sound like they need 10 years of experience.

But no-one wants to take a shot on you. 

Or you feel locked into an endless loop of internship after internship; you're lucky if they even buy you lunch.

Or you've had your first job and you know for sure you can't stay there for long (those damn slave-drivers!!!)

Or you have had such a rad time at your first job but now you want a real career... one that sounds... adult. 

You know you can be badass and dominate the world and do fabulous things. 

You can.

We are here to show you how. 


So… you’re about to thank us for this …

... (Drum rolls please)...

Doris pic.jpg

Madame Doris Mugei

Facilitated by the BossLady herself, we have organized a FREE Masterclass, especially for early-career graduates with 0-2 years of experience. Doris has 15 years of experience in HR, most recently leading one of the largest recruitment companies in Kenya.

Her superpower is getting people into inaccessible interview rooms and having them secure that cheque.

In this 2 hour session, she will give you all the details on how to:

1. Write a CV with close to zero experience

2. Get that first job

3. Shine during your internship and get them desperate to keep you

4. Develop your value and create the career of your dreams. 


And she is the Wonder Woman you never knew you needed. 


And now, you can have her as your very own career godmother


Isn't that some delightful news!

Smiling Girl
January 7th 2021: 7pm-9pm:

Allow yourself to begin the new year with investing in you and kicking ass at your goals.

Our classes are usually fun and tight, the earlier you can sign up, the higher your chance at getting in. This session is FREE :)

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