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P.S: If you have a hearing or visual disability, please let us know in the form at the bottom so we can make plans on how to best support you during this Masterclass.

This Live Masterclass will be hosted on our new virtual school.

You know you are ambitious, curious and capable of doing hard things...

You know you are confident and could grow into an influential, badass professional who never has to write a CV again.

You also know you are tired of sending a million CVs that get sucked into the blackhole that is the Applicant Tracking Systems all you get in return are *crickets*...

... or the endless internship loop that pays you with.. (wait for it)... exposure

Here's the truth:

1. Companies are still hiring. All the time. 

2. Your colleagues are getting jobs or paid internships or promotions; but,

3. You have to stand out over and above the X,000,000 people who also want the same jobs as you do; which means,

4. You have to 'know' someone, or have someone in the company you want, know you; and then,

5. You have to get inside the mind of your potential employer, and show them why they would be crazy lucky to have you

Your CV is part of it, but then how do you escape the black hole? 


This is why we are here. 

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Meet Arnold...

Arnold has worked across 6 different countries (in and outside Africa), most recently with the ALU & MDX in Mauritius getting their students employed after school.

He brings with him 8 years of experience working with both recent graduates and employers and absolutely knows what you need to do to get hired.


In this 3 hour Masterclass; there will be a break in between and here's what Arnold will be taking you through:

In the first section, we will get into your shoes and talk about why you did not get the job or internship: 

  • were you overqualified or under-qualified? And how did you communicate your strengths?

  • was your application sloppy? (did you include P.O Box and marital status or submit it in Word Format or copy paste all your other applications?)

  • did your references sell you out/were their emails even working? Did you even let them know you used them as references?

In the second section, we'll get into your employer's shoes and talk about what they saw when they looked at your CV:

  • from the Job Description, what did they want to see in your CV so they could be interested enough?

  • were they looking for a single, specific format? 

  • how would they have preferred that you emphasize your superpower skills/experiences/education? 

  • was it obvious that you had tailored your CV to the specific job you were applying for? 


This Masterclass is about presenting yourself as the ideal candidate. How? By getting the mind of the employer and 'hiring' yourself. 

So, what can you expect?

  1. An all-round professional experience, customized just for you, addressing your ambition, passion and strengths

  2. Personal development with a focus on career growth and functional area deep dives, including mentoring from an experienced senior instructor.

  3. There will be a lot of interaction, breakout rooms, questions to be asked and answered and a full-mind immersion experience that will help you sell the BEST of yourself. 

  4. A CV template to guide you on how to draft the best CV of your life!

And here's 2 bonuses (because we are determined to see you succeed): 

1. After the Masterclass, you will go and draft your CV tailored to a Job Description of your choice; and you will email it in for a free review. Again, we are committed to having you get the job of your dreams. 

2. Should you need a 1-1 consultation after the session, we have a heavily subsidized fee of Ksh. 999 for 30-45 mins, where Arnold will give you personal attention to discuss your goals, the career you're going for and whether your CV reflects that. 

On Sat, 27 February; 9am 

For just Ksh. 1,799  you can unlock the key to the job of your

early-career dreams! 

P.S: If you have a hearing or visual disability, please let us know so we can make plans on how to best support you during this Masterclass.

This Live Masterclass will be hosted on our new virtual school.

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