The Digital Kingpin Series

This Virtual Series brought to you by Village2nation is meant to give you strategic ideas that best relate to you and the kind of career you're most drawn to. Check below and see what we have prepared just for you.


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Fri, Jul 10
The Digital Kingpin Strategy
The Titans of the industry will be sharing the golden nuggets on the fastest growing industries in the unfolding world; and how you can best align your skillset, education and passion and best secure your career. Grab a seat; bring a buddy.
Fri, Jul 17
Online Event
The Side-Hustle Mogul
A 'From the horse's mouth' guide to show you a few practical ways to make money from a side-hustle and make sure the next recession doesn't catch you pants down. And a couple of ideas on how to secure your bag; even during this Covid-season.
Fri, Jul 24
Online Event
The Great Migration: Expand Your Office
What if you could serve a global audience with your white-collar skills and make your personal brand international? The internet has broken the barriers for you; but how do you get to take advantage of that?
Fri, Jul 31
Mama-Mboga Takeover
With just a phone and some data (and zero coding experience), how can you be part of a movement to formalize the informal economy? How can you curve out a niche and be part of the disruption? We might have a few ideas from the experts on the ground...

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