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The Digital Kingpin Strategy

This multi-cultural, dynamic group of speakers and panelists will indulge you in a tell-all about the best way to stand out in a noisy online world where only the most creative, most adaptive talent wins.


We'll talk about core skills and core industries; how to control the trajectory of your career and practical ways to ensure you ALWAYS have your name mentioned in career-changing rooms.   

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The Side-Hustle Mogul

The global economy may feel like it's on the throes of suffocation. But it doesn't mean you have to go down with it. People are still trading, money is still circulating and a number of people are still breaking bank. Now, you don't have to be Bezos or Musk, but, from what you have NOW in your hands, what are some of the new frontiers you can conquer to secure the economy of your household?


How can you ensure that the next recession doesn't leave you a naked king/queen?  

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The Great Migration: Expand your Office

Work looks a hell of a lot different from what it did just 6 months ago. There's nothing like security of tenure; but, you have a chance to chisel your career into what YOU would like it to be. You're in more control than you think; control of your time, of your income, of your trajectory.


As a white-collar professional, let's talk about how you can conqure and thrive in the new world by expanding your reach using digital technology. From a panel that has done just that; with remarkable success.  

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The Mama-Mboga Takeover:

Everything is going online. The good news is, you don't have to be Mark Zuckerberg or a massive coder to be part of the digital movement. Can you help formalize and informal economy? Is there space for you? What are some of the options you might have of curving out YOUR niche in this industry? 


Our panel has combined rich experience in the gig economy, tech world and working with 'informal' workers.


We are confident that YOU will be blown away. 

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