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Stressed Woman

You KNOW you’ve got skills.


And that in your own way, you are quite the badass and you can dominate the world... if you were just given the chance. 


But for some reason, every door you try to open that will lead you to your dream career keeps getting slammed in your face. Let’s face it, 


Job Hunting Sucks!


Changing careers feels like a mountain you have to shove into the sea. 


The hit on your self-esteem can rock even the most fabulous of people. 


They really would be lucky to have you.


But it’s your job to show them why you are the ONE. 


And it’s (literally) our calling to lead you to your loftiest career goals.


So… you’re about to thank us for this …

... (Drum rolls please)...


Madame Doris Mugei: Country Director- Shortlist Professionals.

Facilitated by the BossLady herself, Operation: Catch that Cheque is the program that will usher you into your dream career. Doris' superpower is getting people into inaccessible interview rooms and having them secure that check. And she is the Wonder Woman you never knew you needed. 


And now, you can have her as your very own career godmother


In this 5 session program, Doris will literally hold your hand; from future-casting your dream career to having you secure an interview without having to send in that CV….. but we’ll co-create a mind-blowing CV just in-case. 


And there will be a free bonus session after a month… just to check in and see how you’re doing. 


The class is tight (10 max); and your learning-mates are your accountability partners. It’s supportive, kind and familial. We’re all in this together, yes? 

November, 2nd to 13th 7pm EAT

So, here’s how she’ll be sprinkling that fairy dust over the 5 sessions:

Career Therapy


November 2nd

Let's start from the ground up: where are you right now and where exactly are you trying to go? What industry? What job? What company? Let's get to the specifics. Judging from your skills and background experience, what is possible for you right now and what do you need to do to work towards your actual goals? How do you get to make that transition? 

What are you phenomenal at and what do you have the most fun doing? 

Let’s figure that out first so we can send you into the field well armed to represent yourself and your future like a true boss. 

Come as you Are- with that CV


November 4th

Now, let's go through your CV together. Does it align with where you want to go? Does it show-case your strongest skills-set and highlight your transferrable skills? 


Now, section by section, let's align it with the future you're pursuing. What might you be underestimating or over-estimating? What are we releasing or adding? How do we get it to represent the best parts of who you are and what you bring to the table? 

We'll co-create the new outline, now go and write that draft. Send it to the facilitator before the next session.

Almost Perfect: Road to the Finals

Monday, 9th November

Today, we’ll read each other’s draft. Does it say what you want it to say?

Does it spark joy? What is it missing and how can we take it over the edge to the ‘absolutely yes!’ pile. 

Does it represent your lofty ambitions and highlight your skills and experience in the most ‘I want that!’ Way? 


Good. Go perfect it. And then look for an open listing with the job of your dreams. Bring it to the next class.

Let's Work on THAT Application

Wednesday, 11th November

Let's look at that job description. What key words are they using over and over, and what kind of person are they looking for? So, what skills should you be highlighting most in your CV? 

How do you align it with the best version of who you are and this badass job you’re looking to get? 

Now, let’s run it through some software just to make sure that everything is covered, and it can pass through most Applicant Tracking Systems

Now, on to the cover letter… how do we draft it and ensure it hits all the right notes and you stand out as the person the Hiring Manager is excited to meet?

The Home Run: Getting you Inside that Door

Monday, 9th November

You'll come with a list of 10 companies you’d like to work with in your dream position.

Now, let’s work on how to identify the people already working there that could help you avoid the cold, dark void of the CV bottomless pit. 


Who in your network can make the intro? If no one, how do you get to connect with them? Let’s create a warm and cold pitch template that you can use to make initial contact; how do you ‘network’ virtually without having the door slammed in your face?

How do you turn that conversational network into an interview and then a job offer; maybe without even needing to send in your CV?

All sessions will happen after-work hours from 7-9pm. There will be a private ‘members only’ group that will allow you to support and guide one another; the facilitator will be there; showing you the ropes. 


Bonus class: After 4 weeks, Doris will do a quick check-in; who’s still stuck and how do we pull them out? Again, we are all in this together.


As you can tell, we are going personal with you, and that is why we are keeping it small and intimate. 


This is for you if: you are ambitious and badass (even if you don’t feel it sometimes) but you know you can do incredible things and get the best out of your career.


You just need that chance to show what you’re made of


This is not a good fit for you if: you are non-committal or are okay just as you are. There’s nothing wrong with that, we just need people who believe they are made for more. 

Normally, this would cost roughly Ksh. 20,000 per hour (that’s what happens when a boss trains you for other bosses). But because we are delightful people at Village2nation, we have heavily subsidized it for you. 

So, for just Ksh. 9,999 you can access the entire 5 sessions (10 hours total) plus the bonus follow-up class. Or, if you’re only keen on individual sessions, you can join in for just Ksh. 2499 each


That's a 950% + discount!


Applications are only open for a week. Doors close on the Friday, 29th October. 


Let’s get that job. Yes? 

MPESA Details: Paybill: 763 766 Account No. 555795


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