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Let's show you the future of work... and how to ace it.

The world is rapidly changing. That's a fact. What worked a few years ago no longer cuts. Here's what works;  relevant, up-to-date skills aligned with booming industries.

The Village2nation Career Weekend

The career weekend is designed to equip ambitious ex-high school students with in-demand skills that will set you apart. You will gain insight into the parts of yourself that make you whole and unique. This includes what motivates you, where your key strengths lie, and what areas can be worked on - all using credible and recognized tests.

The Future of Work consists of Learning a Living

- Marshal McLuhan

Working at Outdoor Cafe

Here's what you can expect and the questions we'll help you answer:

  • Aptitude Testing- What are you most naturally drawn to when your personality is combined with your aptitude?

  • High-Demand Options - From whatever industry you have picked, what can you leverage to become a high-demand professional in it?

  • Career-Mapping - Building out a path from college to work; what are all the extra skills and experience that goes into getting your dream career?

Meet Your Coaches:

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Arnold Buoro

Career Advisor- Africa Leadership University

Arnold has close to a decade of experience placing college students in high-performing companies and has worked across 6 countries and 2 continents. He'll help you chat your way forward. 


Cindy Adem

Team Leader- Village2nation Academy

Cindy has 7 years experience collaborating with global companies across Africa, North America and Europe. She'll take you through the process of 'selling your skills' to the people you want to connect with and ace your career.


Doris Muigei

Career Consultant

Doris has led the fastest growing recruitment companies in the region and she will take you through the process of designing a career path that will get you making smart learning choices from the get-go. 

For Just Ksh. 8000, let us make you a career rockstar in a weekend.

Ready to design your career?



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