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....let's get you ready for your version of the corner office

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So, are you ready for the big leagues? 

You’re ambitious and you know you're destined to go places – whether it’s to be a leader in your field or to waltz your way into the C-Suite.

You either know for sure what you want to do- and where...

... or you're not too certain but you know you're ready to wear bigger shoes.

You may have 3 years experience or 10, but you know you have a badass gene and are ready to show case it.

Here's the thing though: 

The world is moving fast, and automation will change the types of talents and skills valued in business. There's no way to predict exactly how the new world of work will unfold, but you know you have to prepare to showcase the best of who you are and what you can do.

1. What transferrable skills do you have? 

2. What secret sauce do you think makes you-you that the next company would be lucky to have? How do you communicate that?

3. If you want to change jobs or industries, how do you package all your previous experience into something that proves you're ready for this shift?

4. What parts of your experience have you been undermining and allowing yourself to leave money on the table? 

You’re awesome at what you do. You’ve mastered the skills you need, gained some solid experience, and built an impressive portfolio. That’s what it takes to land you that promotion or next job, right?

Most of all, how do you get to avoid the whole black hole of CVs that has you competing against ATS systems that can't truly see all the magic you bring to the table? 

Advanced Career Program

by Madam Doris Muigei

This program is facilitated by our resident Career Godmother who has more than 15 years experience in the H.R industry; having recently led one of the fastest-growing recruitment companies in the region. 

She has over 13 years of experience in learning and development, leadership development, talent acquisition, and employability strategies.
She has the experience and ability to influence, engage, and facilitate discussions across the public and private sector about addressing the challenge of youth unemployment in Africa. This comes from a deep passion and desire to be part of preparing and leading the next generation of African leaders to navigate the future of work.
Her experience to date has allowed her to hone her team management, project implementation, and partnership development skills, with an innovative, results-driven, and entrepreneurial working style. 

In this 5 session program, Our super instructor will literally hold your hand; from future-casting your dream career to having you secure an interview without having to send in that CV….. but we’ll co-create a mind-blowing CV just in-case.


And there will be a free bonus session after a month… just to check in and see how you’re doing.

The class is tight (10 max); and your learning-mates are your accountability partners. The classes will be held virtually over the course of 3 weeks; after work hours 7-9pm mid-week and on Saturdays 9-11am.  All our sessions will be recorded and accessible to you afterwards in our new virtual academy.

We are committed to providing accessible learning to our learners with visual and hearing disability so kindly indicate your disability status when signing up so we can ensure we provide the necessary support, if necessary.

This is a good fit for you if: 

1. You have between 3-10years of work experience

2. You are looking to get a promotion or a raise and want to package yourself to command the higher pay

3. You are looking to change jobs and want to be the one picking where you land instead of just accepting an opportunity just because it happens to be open

4. You're looking to change industries and wondering how to qualify and package your transferrable skills so you can have a seamless transition. 

5. You have been out of the workforce for a while and are looking to get back into the workforce and wondering where to begin

6. You always seem to get to the interview session but not get the offer; and wondering what's up

7. You're tired of always having to send in your CVs only to land one measly interview and want to get yourself more options to increase your bargaining power

SAT, 19th June 2021
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So, here’s how she’ll be sprinkling that fairy dust over the 5 sessions:

Career Therapy

Session 1

Let's start from the ground up: where are you right now and where exactly are you trying to go? What industry? What job? What company? Let's get to the specifics. Judging from your skills and background experience, what is possible for you right now and what do you need to do to work towards your actual goals? How do you get to make that transition? 

What are you phenomenal at and what do you have the most fun doing? 

Let’s figure that out first so we can send you into the field well armed to represent yourself and your future like a true boss. 

Come as you Are- with that CV

Session 2

Now, let's go through your CV together. Does it align with where you want to go? Does it show-case your strongest skills-set and highlight your transferrable skills? 


Now, section by section, let's align it with the future you're pursuing. What might you be underestimating or over-estimating? What are we releasing or adding? How do we get it to represent the best parts of who you are and what you bring to the table? 

We'll co-create the new outline, now go and write that draft. Send it to the facilitator before the next session.

Almost Perfect: Road to the Finals

Session 3

Today, we’ll read each other’s draft. Does it say what you want it to say?

Does it spark joy? What is it missing and how can we take it over the edge to the ‘absolutely yes!’ pile. 

Does it represent your lofty ambitions and highlight your skills and experience in the most ‘I want that!’ Way? 


Good. Go perfect it. And then look for an open listing with the job of your dreams. Bring it to the next class.

Let's Work on THAT Application

Session 4

Let's look at that job description. What key words are they using over and over, and what kind of person are they looking for? So, what skills should you be highlighting most in your CV? 

How do you align it with the best version of who you are and this badass job you’re looking to get? 

Now, let’s run it through some software just to make sure that everything is covered, and it can pass through most Applicant Tracking Systems

Now, on to the cover letter… how do we draft it and ensure it hits all the right notes and you stand out as the person the Hiring Manager is excited to meet?

The Home Run: Getting you Inside that Door

Session 5

You'll come with a list of 10 companies you’d like to work with in your dream position.

Now, let’s work on how to identify the people already working there that could help you avoid the cold, dark void of the CV bottomless pit. 


Who in your network can make the intro? If no one, how do you get to connect with them? Let’s create a warm and cold pitch template that you can use to make initial contact; how do you ‘network’ virtually without having the door slammed in your face?

How do you turn that conversational network into an interview and then a job offer; maybe without even needing to send in your CV?


As you can tell, we are going personal with you, and that is why we are keeping it small and intimate.


This is not a good fit for you if: you are non-committal or are okay just as you are. There’s nothing wrong with that, we just need people who believe they are made for more.

Normally, this would cost roughly Ksh. 20,000 per hour (that’s what happens when a boss trains you for other bosses). But because we are delightful people at Village2nation, we have heavily subsidized it for you.

So, for just Ksh. 9,999 you can access the entire 5 sessions (10 hours total) plus the bonus follow-up class. Or, if you’re only keen on individual sessions, you can join in for just Ksh. 2499 each.


That's a 950% + discount!


Let’s get that job. Yes?

MPESA Details: Paybill: 763 766 Account No. 555795


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