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Welcome to a World of Possibilities

Amidst a 4th Industrial Revolution that is transforming how we work, how we live and; the industries changing the world as we know it....


...we are here to keep you in tip-top shape, ready to access ALL the opportunities that exist

within it. 


Whatever you need to learn to get ahead, we are committed to providing it to you.

Your Learning Begins Here. Your Future Begins Here:



Preparing  African Professionals for the unfolding World of Work

Here at Village2nation, we believe that Africa is at the center of global development. And our people need to be ready to service the industries and businesses booming across the continent; and beyond. 

We need to be ready to lead the tech companies that will be changing the trajectories of entire economies.

And it all starts with learning. 

Our Masterclasses and Programs are here to help you chisel out a career for yourself in the digital world of work; regardless of your industry or educational background. 

Here's our commitment to accessibility and inclusion: As much as possible, we are making all our classes and programs (both free and paid) accessible to people with disabilities. All our live sessions now include a certified Sign-Language Interpreter, our recorded sessions have closed captions and our downloads are screen-reader friendly. Our web and socials are soon to follow. 

Our New Virtual Platform combines accessibility, interaction and learning-on-demand

Fundraising for Projects Masterclass

Join us for a Masterclass on how to manage projects like a Pro. Whether you're looking to get ahead in your career or you're wanting to run your own personal project successfully, learning the ins and outs of getting a project off the ground is a skill you will wish you'd learned sooner. As part of our commitment to accessibility and inclusion,  this class will accessible to people with disabilities. 

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Early Career C.V Masterclass

You know you are ambitious, curious and capable of doing hard things. You know you are confident and could grow into an influential, badass professional who never has to write a CV again.

You also know you are tired of sending a million CVs that get sucked into the black hole that is the Applicant Tracking Systems all you get in return are *crickets* or the endless internship loop that pays you with (wait for it)... exposure

This Masterclass is about presenting yourself as the ideal candidate. How? By getting the mind of the employer and 'hiring' yourself. 

Advanced Career Program

You’re ambitious and you know you're destined to go places – whether it’s to be a leader in your field or to waltz your way into the C-Suite.

You either know for sure what you want to do and where...or you're not too certain but you know you're ready to wear bigger shoes.

So, are you ready for the big leagues? 

In this 5 session program, Our super instructor will literally hold your hand; from future-casting your dream career to having you secure an interview without having to send in that CV.

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