Learning made

practical, interactive

and accessible.

  • Practical skills in the time it takes to get through a Netflix movie. 

  • Live, virtual learning.

  • Vetted Instructors.

  • Accessible to learners with visual and hearing impairment. 

Our Story

We knew the world of work was changing;

we just didn't know how supercharged that process would get (thanks COVID!)

From an initial intention to work with small communities in rural areas physically teaching them digital skills, we had zero idea how much more profound this journey would become when we took it online. We are consistently extending the scope of our masterclasses and programs-

we've got one agenda in mind:-

introducing our learners to a universe of possibilities.

With lively interactive sessions and a (little) homework, we are committed to maintaining the human element in a wildly digital world. 

Just as much as we are committed to ensuring our classes are accessible to users with disability

What's on our current Menu: 

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