The Future of Work is Here...

With a $3 trillion digital economy that is transforming how we work, how we live and the industries changing the world as we know it....

Is Africa really ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Are YOU Ready for the World of Work?


Preparing  African Professionals for the Digital World of Work

Here at Village2nation, we believe that Africa is at the center of global development. And our people need to be ready to service the industries and businesses booming across the continent; and beyond. 

We need to be ready to lead the tech companies that will be changing the trajectories of entire economies.

And it all starts with learning. 

Our Masterclasses and Programs are here to help you chisel out a career for yourself in the digital world of work; regardless of your industry or educational background. 

Here's our commitment to accessibility and inclusion: As much as possible, we are making all our classes and programs (both free and paid) accessible to people with disabilities. All our live sessions now include a certified Sign-Language Interpreter, our recorded sessions have closed captions and our downloads are screen-reader friendly. Our web and socials are soon to follow. 


Going Global Program

The world is changing faster than we could say 'aw snap!' and suddenly someone from the opposite armpit of the world is applying for the same jobs as you. 

Yes, the jungle just got more competitive

But the jungle also just got bigger for you as well. 

This 4 week program will show you everything you need to learn to put yourself in the line of sight of your ideal clients and bosses; whether you're a freelancing professional or a business owner... and how to raise the value of the skills you're already bringing to the table.

Early Career Strategy Program

Job hunting sucks!

Even worse if you're trying to join the workforce straight from school.

And in the middle of a pandemic? Feels catastrophic, doesn't it?

We, as usual, are here to rescue that process for you.

If you have 0-2 years experience, you might want to join this 3-session  practical program hosted by our resident Career Godmother. 

You'll be ditching the messy CV you've been using and learning how to access the 60% of opportunities that never get advertised. 

Bag the Scholarship

So, the world is your oyster. But do you really know what that means? 

A scholarship abroad will put you miles ahead over your peers and make you competitive in the global career market. The networks are unparalleled, the experience is unrivaled. Now, how about you get someone else to pay for you to kick ass and dominate this world? 

Check out some of the tools and tricks we are excited to share with you, so you can bag the scholarship of your dreams and be well on your way to the career you always knew you wanted... but now you can have.

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