The Future of Work is Here...

With a $3 trillion digital economy that is transforming how we work, how we live and the industries changing the world as we know it....

Is Africa really ready for the 4th Industrial Revolution?

Are YOU Ready for the World of Work?


Preparing  African Professionals for the Digital World of Work

Here at Village2nation, we believe that Africa is at the center of global development. And our people need to be ready to service the industries and businesses booming across the continent; and beyond. 

We need to be ready to lead the tech companies that will be changing the trajectories of entire economies.

And it all starts with learning. 

Our Masterclasses and Programs are here to help you chisel out a career for yourself in the digital world of work; regardless of your industry or educational background. 

So, what's on our current Menu?


#SecureThyBag with Gakii Biriri

How do you get your money to last more than your month? And while you may not end up in Forbes, maybe, regardless of your tax bracket, there are ways you could increase the size of your pie? This finance and investment class is specifically here to show you what you can do with what you already have. And perhaps end up in Forbes. 


Going Global Program with Specialized Facilitators

So, you're very smart and highly educated but the world has turned into a global village... How do you get to compete with someone in Lagos or London for the same opportunities? Do you want to dominate your niche? Let's show you some of the key ways you can become a global professional and stand out in a noisy digital world. Go Global.

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Fireside Monthly with Cindy Adem

Getting a powerful mentor can be hard; so this is the next best thing. We are bringing you a series of movers and shakers from different industries (from across the globe) and having conversations that are meant to show you all the ways you could be Chief of your niche and dominate whatever industry you have declared is yours.

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